Tarn works with clients to develop deep and actionable insights into their financial health and needs.  Whether that means ensuring the sustainability of the work you do now or navigating through growth and change, we help organizational leadership lay solid groundwork for decision-making.  

Our expertise includes projects such as:

  • Financial sustainability analysis

  • Training staff and boards on relevant financial issues

  • Developing or refining financial targets within a strategic plan

  • Assessing financial viability of new programs or business lines

  • Refining internal financial reporting

  • Advising on how to incorporate financial analysis into your grantmaking practice

In addition to direct assistance in analysis and planning, we help our clients support implementation of their planning efforts by developing financial communication strategies for internal and external audiences.  We ensure essential financial topics remain accessible so that key stakeholders can work from a platform of shared understanding.  By maintaining compatibility between strategic, financial and communications strategies, we help clients address questions such as:

  • How do we balance the need to grow staff with the challenge of covering more salaries?

  • How do we have the most productive conversations about our financial challenges with funders?

  • How do we ensure staff and board understand and buy in to our business plan?

  • How can we expect infrastructural investments to impact our financial model?

  • How to we tell if our grant decision makes sense in the context of both our strategic priorities and our grantee’s financial situation?

In all of our work, we aim to incorporate a triple-bottom-line perspective, incorporating perspectives on social and environmental sustainability alongside financial sustainability.